Science Literacy Week highlights Canada’s outstanding scientists and science communicators from coast-to-coast. The goals are to showcase the excellence and diversity of Canadian science and to show how exciting science is. Be it as simple as a science-themed book display encouraging people to read something a little different to multi-day events, the Week offers something for everyone. For one week in September, libraries, universities, museums and other partners put on a spectacular nationwide festival of science.

The latest edition of Science Literacy Week came to include over 850 events put on by more than 300 partners in 200 cities across Canada. From public talks to explosive chemistry demos, stargazing sessions to nature hikes, there was sure to be an interesting activity for science lovers of all ages. Science Literacy Week is powered by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

In 2019, we’re partnering with ocean groups across Canada to bring together the largest ocean engagement and outreach event. Our nation has a special relationship with the sea, bordering three separate oceans—and so the Week will highlight ocean research, ocean health, challenges facing ocean communities and wildlife and solutions we can all implement at home. Whether you attend a talk, take part in a shoreline cleanup, get out on the water or just pick up a book, we’re hoping to make the oceans come to life for Canadians everywhere.


My name is Jesse Hildebrand and I’m the founder of Science Literacy Week. I graduated from the University of Toronto in Ecology and from the Open University in Science and Society.

Perhaps more importantly, I’m a lifelong nerd who had Steve Irwin posters on my wall and Carl Sagan books on my shelf as a young kid—not to mention my two hour stint counting the species in my backyard when I was 9 (73 in case you’re wondering). The fact you can see back in time with a telescope or view a million organisms in a drop of water never ceases to amaze and captivate me. I’ve always wanted to share that enthusiasm and shout from the rooftops just how amazing science can be to everyone. Science Literacy Week is my way of doing just that.

I LOVE TO READ! The fact that we can tap into the knowledge of a whole world’s worth of scientists and explorers at the turn of a page is, to me, the most marvellous way to learn. Science Literacy Week began simply as a way to encourage libraries to bring their science collections out into the limelight. Encouraging people to read something a little different might just produce their own spark of inspiration!

So pick up a book, watch a video, or attend an event and learn about the amazing world around you!

Jesse Hildebrand
Founder, Science Literacy Week